Apartment 2 (6/8 persons)

In the former cargo hold of the ship is the second apartment situated. Up front is the shower room with two showers. In the hall are two toilets.

From the hall one leads into the spacious and ‘loft-like’ lounge. Here is a spacious sofa which can also serve at night as a double bed. There is also a sitting area with two comfortable armchairs and a table. The apartment has an 8-seater dining table and an open kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with dishwasher, double sinks and a large fridge and freezer. This very spacious U-shaped kitchen is very suitable to cook for larger groups a delicious meal.

Behind the living room there are three bedrooms: two bedrooms with two single beds per room that can be moved towards each other or can be put separate from each other if more privacy is desired. The third bedroom has a double bed. Each bedroom has its own closet and also has wardrobes in the hallway for storing the clothing.

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