“Boat Hotel Rotterdam is for rent as group for a minimum of 2 nights and both expeditiously as stationary for rent. Below are the prices of the various possibilities. If you have any requests that are not shown please contact us via the contact form and we will make you a custom-made quote.

Apartment 1 (max 4 persons) 159 euros per night *

Apartment 1 (max 6 persons) 199 euros per night *

Apartment 2 (max 8 persons) 275 euros per night *

Entire ship (max 14 persons) 434 euros per night *

Sailing with the ship 75 euros per hour
* Minimum of 2 consecutive nights is required
Mentioned prices are excluding 6% VAT.

When sailing with the ship; demurrage / port charges are invoiced separately.
We provide linen / towels and end-cleaning.

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